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Quickie Review: Perimeter Red by Meghan White

February 8, 2014

Title: Perimeter Red

Author: Meghan White

GoodReads Description: A group of mixed species tries to escape the oppressive rule of the Regen Stronghold. Through gains, losses, races, and battles, they all learn what it means to be truly free.

Synopsis: Xaverie is scheduled to attend one of Second Earth’s most prestigious schools, despite her “illegal” status. She soon becomes an integral part of a group of peers, and they all come to find that the school is more than it seems to be. Every cage has a lock that can be picked, and this group is about to break free. However, freedom has its own consequences, and Xaverie and her friends will find themselves in more trouble than they can imagine.

My Rating: 5/5

My Review: For a new author, Meghan White has done an AMAZING job with Perimeter Red. The setting, the characters, the plot…everything about this book is just perfect. I haven’t quite finished it yet, having about 10 more pages to go yet, but that’s only because I don’t want this book to end!